EXCLUSIVE TRAINING With Webinar Expert Frank Kern

"The NEW Way To Create And Promote Webinars That Sell"


Here's What You'll Discover In This Training

This isn't fluff, theory, or the same recycled material you've seen before. You're getting aproven six-step formula for creating and promoting high content webinars that sell...without hype, pressure, or any of the typical "sales tactics" that nobody likes.

Here's just a fraction of what's included ...

  • New: A unique strategy for getting free registrants (and maybe even turning a profit before the actual webinar) ...from cold traffic!
  • How to make sales before the webinar even starts (all while increasing your "show-up" rate as well.)
  • Three subtle NLP lanuage patterns to use at the end of your webinar so you can smoothly transition into making your pitch (without feeling weird).
  • An unusual way to eliminate skepticism and gain credibility in the first few minutes of your presentation. (HINT: It has NOTHING to do with your "credentials".)
  • The 12-part closing process that I'm personally using to convert like crazy ...without being "salesly" or using pressure.

...And you'll know how to do all of these things ...even if nobody's ever heard of you.


Do You Want To Help People And Make Sales ...At The Same Time?

In this exclusive training, you'll discover the six-part webinar formula that's working in all kinds of industries ranging from "marketing" all the way to Legal and Financial services and even property sales.

The best part about it is everything you do will be genuinely helpful to your audience.

The result? Raving fans who tell everyone about how great you are ...while happily doing business with you.

You don't have to rely on pressure or hype ...and you don't have to drone on and on about yourself, your accomplishments, or your credentials.

In fact - the less of that you do, the better!

So if you want to sell using webinars ...even if nobody's ever heard of you ...and you want to do it in a way that's really helpful to your audience, then this is definitely for you.

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* WARNING: This webinar is DIFFERENT from what you're used to.  In it, I will walk you through specific and actionable strategies that are working RIGHT NOW.

I will walk you through specific promotions and systems that are earning huge sales numbers for me personally. With that said, please understand my results are certainly not typical & the average person who attends any training gets zero results. HOWEVER, I'm happy to show you exactly what's working for me - FREE. But this is NOT for "get rich quick" people, "biz-opp" people, or amateurs.  If you're looking for some sort of "easy button", I'm not your guy.